Settings for Email

This page gives the details of the settings you need to set up any standard email program to read your mail. It makes no attempt to show in detail how to set up any particular device or program. Some dedicated pages may appear shortly.

User Name Your email address
All in lower case
Password See "Lost Password" if you've forgotten it
It is case-sensitive "A" is different from "a"
Mail Server  or
This is for POP3, IMAP or SMTP mail
Only use "haniel" if you know that your site is hosted there.
Generally speaking, if you have a 'Woodchip PCC' website, you'll be on Raziel.
If you have no website, or one you installed yourself, you'll be on Haniel.
Security All mail ports should be set to enable "SSL"
Plain text transfer of mails is not allowed
Port Numbers

Your mail program should choose these correctly
If you need to set them yourself:
POP3  995 (For collecting mails)
IMAP  993 (For synchonising mails)
SMTP 465 (For sending mails)

For some detailed (pictorial) help with setting up Windows Live Mail or MS Outlook, use these links or click the appropriate choice in the "Email" menu above