Setting Up Windows Live Mail

Now that Windows XP has finally come to and end to its life, the old Outlook Express is no longer available.  Later versions of Windows (particularly Windows 8 or 8.1) provide a built-in application called, simply "Mail".  But "simply" is an apt word.  It is VERY simple (in the sense of "limited").  You will do far better to go to to the Microsoft site and download Windows Essentials.  When you run the downloaded file (called wlsetup-web.exe), you can either just install everything or (as I do) select "Choose the programs" and then install just the Mail application.

Set up a new account

(If you are here because you want to update your system for the new servers,
then go directly to "Editing your settings")

When that is installed and running, look in the top left corner.
Live Mail a

Click,first, on the "Accounts" tab and then select the "Email" button.



Live Mail b

That should show you a new screen:

In Box no 1 type your full email address.  (Remember that we are setting this up to read mailboxes on your server!  The details for (eg) a GMail address will be quite different!)

Box 2 contains your password.  This ais Case Specific (An "a" is different from an "A").  (If you have forgotten it, visit and select the "Lost Password" link in the help menu.  (If your account is on a different server, you'll need to visit there instead)

Tick Box 3

Type the name that you want to appear in your emails into Box 4.

Put a tick in Box 5 then click Next (Button 6)

Live Mail C

Here, you select the Server Type in Box 1.  You'll choose POP3 or IMAP. (For a description of the difference, see the "stored" page)

Box 2 The Server address must be set to on the Raziel server or on Chamuel.  The Port must be 995 for POP3 or 993 for IMAP.  Box 3 must be ticked.

Leave Box 4 showing "Clear Text".

Box 5 ("User Name") is your full email address.  It must all be in lower case.

Box 6 (Outgoing Server) is just the same as Box 2 - and Box 7 should be 465.  If it shows 25, then change it.

As with Box 3, tick Box 8 as you require a secure connection - and you do require authentication too.

Finish by clicking Button 9

Editing your settings

Once you have set up your account, you can review the settings and alter them if necessary.  If you are here because you have to change your setting because you on a new "Woodchip" server, you can jump directly to the "Servers" section and then move on to the "Advanced" section.

1 You'll see your account on the left (this one happens to be set to "".  yours will be different).  You'll spot a second account just below (2).  You may not have two.  If you have more than one account, select the one you want to edit (Click on the name) and select "Accounts" (3) at the top of the screen.

This time, click on the "Properties" button (4) to take you to the next screen.  It should be showing the "General" tab at the top.

Live Mail 2

This brings up a new box that will be filled in for you.  We are looking first at the "General" tab near the top of the box.

Your "Local Identifier" defines what the account is called. (" (chris)" in the example at 1 above.)

You'll remember filling in your name.  This is sent out with each email.  The Organization and the Reply address can safely be left blank (unless you want replies normally to be directed to a different address, in which case, you'll put that address in there.

Your email address must be correct - if it is different from the one you have used as your user name, then you'll get error messages.  (Or, worse, your recipient might - and their server may well refuse the mail as this could be a sign of spam.)

Now click the "Servers" tab at the top of the box.

Live Mail 3You cannot change the type of server from IMAP to POP3 or vice versa.  You'll need to set up a new account for this.  Don't, either, try to run IMAP and POP3 accounts within this program at the same time!  I've not tried it to see what happens, but it would be "a bit random" as they say...

Fill in your email address (all in lower case) in the Username box and your password (case sensitive) in the Password one.  Otherwise, this box should look exactly as shown.

Live Mail 4

If you click the "Settings" button, you can check that the Outgoing Mail Server is set to authenticate using the same settings as your incoming server. 

Live Mail 5

Click the "Advanced" tab at the top.

Now comes the Security screen.  If you are altering settings because you are moving from the old Gabriel server to the new, more secure servers, then this is the only screen that you will need to change.

The two boxes, "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" must have ticks in them.

Server Port Numbers

The outgoing mail (SMTP) should be changed from 25 to 465.

The incoming mail should be changed to 993 (for IMAP) or to 995 (for POP3).

Now it is time to click "OK" to finish and return to your main screen.