Compatibles or Manufacturers own?

Once you have bought your nice new printer, the expensive time really begins!  "Feed me, Seymour!" it cries.

You will have read all of the dire warnings that the printer manufacturer gives, about only ever using their own ink (or toner) cartridges and there is, of course, a natural reluctance to branch out into something that might just ruin your printer.

If that is the case, then you may want to continue using the manufacturer's own cartridges.  But I am afraid that I don't!  My inkjet printer takes quite big cartridges (the black one holds around 50ml of ink, rather than the more normal 10ml or so that a more standard printer uses).

If I buy genuine HP cartridges from my normal supplier, a set of four will cost me £63 from HP or £48 from Amazon.  They total 73ml of ink (That's around £660 per litre!)  The compatibles that I actually buy come in a pack of four with three free black cartridges.  They cost me £28 for 220ml of ink.  That works out to a slighly less eye-watering £127 per litre (even so - there must be a wicked mark-up on this precious fluid!).

More realistically, the original ink pack is quoted to cover 3,300 pages for £50 (ish)
The larger compatible pack with extra cartridges should cover 14,000 pages for £30 (ish).  The originals would cost about £200 for the same coverage.  The money I save on just one set of cartridges would buy me a new printer! (£140 from Amazon).

As it is, I have run this printer happily for a couple of years.  There have been cartridge problems.  Sometimes they run out quicker than I expected.  Very occasionally, a cartridge has failed.  If there has been a failure, then Internet Ink have always been good about sorting out the problem.  For that price difference, I am still a happy bunny.

It's always difficult to make hugely strong recommendations.  I'll just leave you to make your own choice...

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